Crazy Stickfigure Randomness Pt. 4!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Hopdiddy


Uploaded on May 19, 2008 by Hopdiddy Powered by YouTube

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Sorry it took so long, its been busy around here on my end!!! Here it is! Enjoy! :: Inspired by SFOC and The Lazer Collection (theres a tribute skit in there too! Figure out which one it is!!!)::

PS, the DBZ skit at the beginning is awfully similar to Jayther's skit in Stick em up, which I found out last night, I was too far into the video to re-edit all the sound so I just let it go, just lettin yall know he did it first, I unknowingly did the same skit. Great minds think alike I suppose......or not....whatever.

And finnally, the Mcdonalds gif is NOT something I made, I found it on photobucket.

NOTE!!!! this movie contains scenes with flashing lights and patterns, anyone with a history of siezures SHOULD NOT WATCH THE MOVIE, if you do its at your own risk. thank you.

I think that about covers it!

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