86V Electric Scooter Using V28 Lithium Ion Battery Packs

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The 86V electric scooter project began as an effort to convert a downhill scooter (Dellemann www.scootboard.net ) to a electric powered scooter.

Downhill scooters, commonly referred to as TrottiBikes in Switzerland, are used on ski-slopes (and access roads) in the summer. They're available at many cable-car or train stations to rent in all alpine regions. You take a cable car or train up an alp, and scoot down. This effort is to allow electric hub-motor braking, regenerating power, as well as providing a electrical means of transport.

Advantages of a Scooter:

The scooter is more advantageous over bikes because of their compact size, and ability to travel in less dimensional space than regular bikes. While the scooters are stand-up versions, their simplicity make up for any small discomforts compared to sit-down versions of transportation. Unlike a Segway, these scooters are inexpensive, simple to use, maintain and repair.

Lithium Ion Power:

For power, a battery pack is placed in a backpack which the user wears. The battery pack is comprised of a series of Milwaukee V28 Lithium Ion Batteries. The resulting power is fantastic in terms of performance, and very lightweight.

For more details on the conversion, please visit my website: http://www.electricship.com

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