FREE Hot Hip Hop Instrumental Rap Beat 2012!!!

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Published 25 Mar 2012
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Thank you for watching this video and taking the time to read this! 
My name is Gallon. 
I make music. 
I love making music. 
If you like this beat, you can use it non-exclusively for promotional non-profit use, completely for free. All I ask is that you site "Gallon's Productions" as the producer of the beat in whatever it is you choose to create.
I also ask that you PLEASE just CONSIDER supporting my dream to entertain the world via music. Doing so will not only benefit me, but you as well. 
You can do so by clicking on the provided link to my all new instrumental store! I have digitally mastered tracks available in high quality for ONLY $1 each! I will be updating the store frequently so be sure to fan the Facebook page for updates:

The beat you are listening to now is of poor quality. To make matters worse, YouTube only streams in 128kb. 
My store provides downloads in the high quality, loss-less format, meaning whatever you record will be up to professional standards. If you plan on creating a mix tape or submitting a demo to an A&R, you'll want to do so in the highest quality possible. The truth is, if you want to be taken seriously, you'll first have to take your music seriously.

Here's the link to the store. You can listen to the tracks there also, although like here, they are streamed at low quality:

There is an easy to read, simple contract regarding the instrumentals on this channel, and the instrumentals at my store.  The link to both contracts can be found at:

On top of being a producer, I'm a rapper also. There were days when I wanted to make songs, but I didn't have beats. Through patience and a love for music, I taught myself how to make them. Now, I'm giving back to Hip Hop by providing free instrumentals on this channel, and almost free tracks via my store.
PLEASE support Gallon's Productions AND your own projects by opting for buying the high quality tracks. If you want to license a track for commercial purposes, or if you would like to buy a track outright, contact me at: 
Regardless what you decide to do, thank you for watching!
Love and Peace, Gallon
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