Simple & Sophisticated Nails [18+]

By: bubzbeauty


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I am on FIRE with tutorials this week! I'm off to a mini trip on Sunday so I won't be able to make tutorials that entire week so I'm making up for it.

This is my 2nd nail art tutorial. This is one of my first nail art designs that I have ever done and its actually one of my favourites because its so easy! If a NoOb like me can do it, you can too! Its really simple. I can do it on myself but ofc practice makes perfect. You can even try this out with your friends and vice versa on each other. Its definately about patience and practice.

Hope you guys enjoy this one. I will make a tutorial on applying the 'Nailene' nails soon. I am LOVING their products so much! Big thanks to Nailene for being kind sponsors. I can see why they are award winner products now.

Much love,
Bubbi xxx

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