Puttin' Up Yer DUKES Can Be a HAZZARD! Uncensored

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WOOO DOGGIES!! Hike up yer Daisy Dukes and poke out those sweet (but firm) cheeks 'cuz the cast of DUKES OF HAZZARD: THE BEGINNING dropped on in to the NO GOOD TV studios for a little moonshine and jabberjawin' with that purty host Carrie Keagan. Musta been a hot day in them thar hills 'cuz afore you know it, them crazy DUKES folks were almost plum nekkid. NEKKID!! What's next, strip hoe downs? YEE HAW!!!

For those who don't speak Redneck: Hold on tight, it's time for another EXCLUSIVE and UNCENSORED rollercoaster ride thru the world of NO GOOD TV original series "Up Close." Host Carrie Keagan sits down with April Scott, Randy Wayne and Joel David Moore from DUKES OF HAZZARD: THE BEGINNING. It's more fun than a shaved Cooter!! If your idea of a good time is getting completely wasted and losing a few layers of pesky clothing, then this is the interview for you.

In the movie, cousins Bo, Luke and Daisy are sent to Hazzard County, GA to live with their Uncle Jesse, a farmer and moonshine maker who is constantly battling his old rival Boss Hogg. Hogg is the corrupt City Commissioner of the small town. This film is a prequel to the hit TV Series and stars Jonathan Bennett, Randy Wayne, April Scott, Christopher McDonald, Willie Nelson, Harland Williams, Joel Moore and Sherilyn Fenn.

For more UNCENSORED episodes of "Up Close" visit NO GOOD TV at http://www.ngtv.com/?channelId=upclose&clipIdNum=715980963

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