Maybe I Will, Julia Nunes (me)

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pictures were taken on photobooth over the span of 2 days by either me or my suite-mate Julia Brenner (yep there are 3 julias in our suite)
it took forever
hope you like it

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Lyrics to Maybe I Will:
This bed is so hot I can not get the covers off
they stick to me like leather seats in cars at 80,000 degrees

did you leave something behind
it looked like nothing at the time
now you fear that it's too late

They just can't believe that there is nothing between you and me
I'd rather plead the 5th than talk about the girl you're still in love with

Maybe I wont
Maybe I will

But I don't know what I was expecting to find
Am I losing my mind or just biding my time

-Julia Nunes

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