ABC TV Commercials - May 2nd, 1992 - Part One

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Commercials ran during ABC's broadcast of "Little Monsters" on May 2nd, 1992. As for the random audio was that way on the source tape. Ads featured in Part One are: ABC Saturday Night Movie Bumper Old El Paso Imodium AD Band-Aid Glow in the Dark (unfortunately has those audio cut outs) Jaclyn Smith's California perfume Wendy's restaurant: Salads ABC World League Football/Shell Houston Open Promo ABC Saturday Night Movie Bumper KFC Commercial featuring MC Hammer Certs featuring Rita Rudner w/HBO Comic Relief Plug MaxFactor Impact (audio cuts out again) Pontiac GrandAm GT Wal*Mart "Rollback America" "Nothing Happens with marijuana" PSA ABC Promo for "Life Goes On" Sears Brand Central #1 Multi-Grain Cheerios (audio cuts out) Formula 409 Trident Gum Polaroid OneStep Flash instant camera ABC Promos for "America's Funniest Home Videos" and "America's Funniest People" ABC Saturday Night Movie bumper ABC Promos for network premiere of "Back to the Future Part II" Pizza Hut FernGully Pizza Pack Bigs 29 Minute Photo Lab KSFY News Promo for "Smoked Out" KSFY 10pm News Promo ABC Saturday Night Movie Bumper x2 Dove Beauty Bar Ocean Spray Cran Juice Drinks Fab Ultra laundry detergent Maximum Strength Cortaid Eagle Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips (Dorito's clone) ABC Promos for "Full House," "Home Improvement" ABC Promo for network premiere of "Caddyshack II"
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