Bitches & Ice Cream [18+]

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Song we did for fun, we were just being silly. It's a tribute to 'the 80's', for everyone who was born and/or grew up in the 80's or just loves the 80's. And everyone who just loves a good old silly song : P
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Ladies from the eighties
Ladies from the eighties
This is for you

Verse 1:
This is for the ladies from the eighties
Back when the olsen twins were still babies
We were yet to find out Michael Jackson was crazy
Stuck watching Cagny and Lacy on the televacy
Back when George Michael still had faith
When white singers started to feel soul mate
The first time you ever saw a computer
Before Apple came and made them all look cuter
And we still dont know how to fix the rubiks Cube
Women started getting themselves plastic boobs
Hip hop was cool than became main stream
Now all I can rap about is Bitches and Ice Cream, like

Shake it baby like you was a juice drink
I aint gay but I sure like you in pink
Looking like you just stepped out of my wet dream
Oh wait I gotta mention all the bitches and Ice Cream

Chorus 2:
Oooh what youre wearin honey?
Oooh is that a new perfume?
Oooh maybe its me I can taste it on my lip
Damn I must have let one slip

(Ladies from the 80's)

Verse 2:
81, 82, 83
Back in the days when I was still a baby
Thought I could get coodies from kissin ladies
Now I like them all, both skinny and shapy
BMX Bikes and roller skates were great
We had CDs and VHS back in the big eight-Ooh
Knight rider got me talking to cars
And Star Trek had us all reaching out for the stars
We started writing songs to protest the war
And the A-team was there for you to kick in the door
He-man action figures had me running to the store
But now bitches and Ice cream is all that I care for, so

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