How to Change a Bicycle / Bike Tube

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Published 26 Nov 2010
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An instructional video from the Freedom Machine Prahran explaining how to change a bicycle tube.

Step 1 Release the chain tension - release cable tension so chain sits on smallest chain ring and sprocket.
Step 2 Release the brake - release the brake, this may vary from bike to bike.
Step 3 Release the wheel - remove the wheel and grab the skewer lever and pull outwards.
Step 4 Remove the wheel - pull derailleur back to allow cogs and wheel to slide out.
Step 5 Deflate any remaining air - fully deflate tube.
Step 6 Remove the tube - use only plastic tyre levers, squeeze lever between tyre and rim get under the bead and push down, put next lever in where bead starts lift push down repeat untill bead is loose, remove tube.
Step 7 Prepare the new tube - prepare tube by slightly inflating not streching just enough too take shape.
Step 8 Insert the tube - with one bead or side of the tyre on the rim insert the valve pull tyre up over the tube and stuff into tyre, then push tube into the space in tyre all the way round, then put other bead over the brake wall, this can be tight towards the end if needed use tyre levers but be careful not to pinch tube, open valve and pump up slightly to shape,check bead is on correctly and even then pump to full pressure as indicated on sidewall of tyre.
Step 9 Insert the wheel - place chain on smallest sprocket pull back derailleur and slide wheel into place, check to see if sitting right in chain stays and tighten the skewer.
Step 10 Fasten the brake. 

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