Jeep Willys Vs. Telephone Pole

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Jeep Willys climbs telephone pole.
Absolutely spectacular...NOT MY JEEP. Belongs to Abe Thiessen well known in the off road community for this stunt. That day I heard of a guy who does this sort of thing and I remembered seeing a photo of a guy doing this up a tree in a mag I had picked up one day. He was the guy in the photo. I was so excited to see it live.
2006 Jeep Jamboree Bobcaygen Ontario. It's a Willys CJ-3B Origianly out of Aylmer, Ontario. Currently residing in Northern Michigan! It is a stick! A T19 to be exact! Just idles up the pole that 's why you don't see his left leg move! And Yes, he can do it forward too! This belongs in Nitro Circus.

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