How To Use Your IPhone's 3G/Edge Connection on Your Mac or PC (HD 720p) [18+]

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This tutorial will show you how you can use your iPhone's 3G or Edge connection on your Mac/PC (aka. tethering). Especially useful for laptops when you have no WiFi access and you want a fullscreen browser.
Instructions: (watch the video for visual instructions)
Step 1 - Installing PdaNet
Search for "PdaNet" in Cydia
Download and install it
Step 2 - Creating an Ad-Hoc Network (Note: during this stage you will not be able to use the internet yet)
Open Network and Sharing Center
Click Manage Wireless Networks
Click Add
Select Ad-Hoc and enter in any name and optionally a password.
Open Control Panel
Open Network Connections and right click on Wireless Network Connection
Go to Properties and click on the Wireless Networks tab at the top
Under preferred networks click Add, name the SSID anything and dis/enable a WEP password.
Do something with Airport... Sorry, I'm not familiar with Mac.
Step 3 - Using the Connection
Tap settings on your iPhone and change your WiFi to the Ad-Hoc you just created.
Exit settings and open PdaNet.
It should now automatically connect and you can use your PC/Mac's browser to surf!!

I hope this was useful! ENJOY!

*Search for jailbreaking tutorials on Youtube or Google if you haven't jailbroken yet.

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