Oum Kalthoum in Paris - Enta Omri (You Are My Life) ام كلثوم - انت عمري

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Om (or Oum, Omm, Omme, Oom, Um, Umm) Kalsoum (or Kalsum, Kaltsoum, Kalthoum, Kalthum, Kalthoom, Khalsoum, Khalsum, Khalthoum, Khalthum, Kaltoum, Kolsoum, Kolsum, Kolthoum, Kolthum, Kolthom, Koolsum, Koulsoum, Koulsoun, Koulthoum, Kultum, Kulthum, Kulthume, Kelthoom) singing Enta Omri (You are my life) in the most famous concert hall in whole France, the Olympia Hall. The people could not believe that the Diva of Arab music was there to perform one of her most famous and most beloved songs, Enta Omri.

Take a good look at 1:12 when some members of the audience storm the stage to kiss Oum Kalthoums forehead and her hands. She is around 69 years old in this video, yet she displayed with an ease and a stupendous nonchalance.

You are my life...
Your eyes took me back to the days that are gone,
they taught me to regret the past and its wounds.
Whatever I saw before my eyes saw you was a wasted life,
how could they consider that part of my life?
With your light, the dawn of my life started,
how much of my life before you was lost...
it is a wasted past, my love.
My heart never saw happiness before you,
my heart never saw anything in life
other than the taste of pain and suffering...
I started only now to love my life and
started to worry that my life would run away from me.
Every happiness I was longing for before you,
my dreams they found it in the light of your eyes,
oh my heart's life, you are more precious than my life,
why didn't I meet your love a long time ago?
You are my life that starts its dawn with your light.
The beautiful nights and the yearning and the great love,
from a long time ago, the heart is holding for you.
Taste the love with me bit by bit from the kindness of my heart
that is longing for the kindness of your heart.
Bring your eyes close so that my eyes can get lost in the life of your eyes,
bring your hands so that my hands will rest in the touch of your hand.
My love, come and enough, what we missed is not little,
oh love of my soul.
You are more precious than my days,
you are more beautiful than my dreams,
take me to your sweetness...
take me away from the universe...
far away...
far away...
I and you far away alone.
With love, our days will awaken,
we spend the nights longing for each other.
I reconciled with days because of you,
with you I forget my pains,
and I forget with you my misery.
You are my life that starts the dawn with your light.

She sang also Al-Atlal (The ruins) in that concert:

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