Chinese Anime - Chinese Chess Master (Eng Sub) Ep 1 Part 1

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Chinese Chess Master is China's first 100% homemade anime series. Previously, all anime series produced in China were usually funded, guided and directed fully by Japanese companies.

Produced in 2005, it was not aired on China's TV until recent years due to China's strict policy in monitoring animated shows.

When it was first aired in China, the viewers had mixed reaction towards this anime and many had complained that the character design is too Japanese style and the storyline somehow resembled Hikaru no Go + Yu-gi-oh.

However, over the time as the series progressed, the viewers came to accept watching Chinese Chess Master because the story turned out to be unique in its own style. It had also received some praise from the viewers as the first made-in-China anime series that showed a marked quality improvement in China's animation industry.

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