Crysis True Graphics Unleashed

By: seevideonow


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After this
comparison was released people began to doubt the graphics Crysis promised when first revealed, but someone tweaked (no hack of any kind) the day of time using the editor among other things and managed to produce this Original thread here
video created by verw3948

His specs are as follows
"-Q6600 OC'd to 2.8, but can easily go higher
-2 Gigs Mushkin Redline 1066 Ram-Downclocked to 933Mhz with 4-4-4-11 timings(Dont ask me why, but going to full 1066 gives me the infamous Nvlddmkm has stopped responding error)
-8800 Ultra Oc'd to 655 core and lets just say insane memory speeds
-Vista Ultimate 32bit

PS I FINALLY got the damn game after a month and right as school starts...
-Nice monitor with great response time and 1100:1 contrast ratio, but native resolution of 1280X1024"

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