Medicine-Men Which Kill (cannibalism) [18+]

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What we see here is not a single case, I found several times reports in the print media and TV.

Well this is the new South Africa!!!

Body parts being traded from children and people, news from the country with the highest crime rate in the world.

News from South Africa as reported by the TV media

Dear JabiruJ450,

I have just seen your video on South Africa and all I have to say is this; ghastly things happen in many countries in the world not only in the African continent. I think that to try to 'kick those that are down' is a clear sign of prejudice, ignorance and cowardice; you know what they say 'first cast the beam out of thine own eye...'
Many things can be said about human rights violations committed by the US in their own country and abroad -Guatanamo is a case in point-. Just to draw a comparison, whilst in third world countries many atrocities occurr due to illiteracy, lack of knowledge, poverty; perpetrators in the US do not have such an excuse. To systematically and gratuitously kidnap, incarcerate, torture innocent civilians that are not US citizens and have not been tried in a court of law -like the US government has been doing for the past few years- is an extreme act of deliberate cruelty and barbarism. This is but just one example, however I have more: the death penalty in your criminal system is just fact, you share that same practice with Nigeria. See? the US has more in common with the 'barbarism' in Africa than you would imagine.... although nobody would dare say anything because "might (seems to be) right."
Honestly, if videos like this are your contribution to youtube, I still don't know why you even bother.
Youtube is supposed to be a virtual network, a community of people who log on to be entertained, informed, amused not for horrible, disgraceful racists to spew out their prejudice....Shame on you!


usually I do not answer, nor do I bother what someone writes, the videos are here to shown the world and that you can build your own mind, what is going on in beautiful South Africa.

However the videos are recorded from the South African TV Stations, and shown here to the world. Shame on me, because I air them on youtube?

The dates in the title show the date there those "News" were shown in the evening News in South Africa. The documentary you most probably referring to was shown in the South African state TV SABC3 !

I left South Africa, because of these kind of things happening there up to April 07, my video postings stop in April07, if you have realized it, because logically I cant record the evening news any more from TV. But what I hear from South Africa things are getting even worse, compared to what you see on my video postings.

Honestly and the truth is, if the truth is so bad for you, it is your choice not to watch it. I am contributing to youtube the truth shown from TV News, which you seem not to like nor to be informed about.
So, who is now the disgraceful racist with prejudice?
Shame on who?
Please don't bother me any more with PMs, otherwise I will block it, and I don't like to do this to anybody.

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