Gauntlet Dark Legacy - Cloud 9

By: SigmaSudou


Uploaded on June 27, 2008 by SigmaSudou Powered by YouTube

Gauntlet Dark Legacy; Midway; PS2; Difficulty: Hard

Remember the annoying bonus stage in Gauntlet Dark Legacy that made the Unicorn very hard to unlock?

Well this is the bonus stage.

If even one coin passes by, the bonus stage attempt will not be successful.

If you get all of the coins successfully, not only have you cleared one of the most ridiculous bonus stages, but also unlocked the Unicorn and earned some respect from Gauntlet Dark Legacy players like me.

This video will show my gameplay as a Green Archer attempting the Cloud 9 bonus stage.

This bonus stage can be found at the Toxic Spire (stage 1 of the Sky Dominion.)

Enjoy, rate, and comment.

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