Never Let You Go {part 11} Lolena

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"Never Let You Go" Lolena Part 11 NFW: almost time for reality :) In the last part me my Selena had finally kissed. Now is the time I would like to tell you about how we broke the policy and got Selena like Me. - It was a day when the sun would duck behind the sun. And every now and then it would come out behind the clouds. It looked like it would rain soon. Me and Selena were talking. She had gave me so many reasons on why to Break that Policy. The one that stuck to me the most. She said it can hurt everyone in my path, including her and me. And the fact that I didn't sign the policy.I colored on it. We came up with a way to burn the policy. Everyones in my family. Me and Selena were outside the little wooden abandon shack in the middle of the forest. No one around. No cameras,traps,anything in sight. But to be safe,we climbed a tree above the shack. (this next part goes perfect with Taylor Swifts song "Safe & Sound" Go listen to it while reading this part :) I pulled Selena up onto the high branch while she held onto the matches,lighters ,paper,old clothing,and a walmart bag full of other fabrics and things,and lighter fluid. I poured the lighter fluid over the house and Selena put the paper and stuff onto the house except the matches and lighters. Selena looked at me and smiled a little to ensure me that everything would be fine. "ready?" she asked I nodded We put a small piece of duct tape on the lighters when they were lit, an dropped them onto the shack in the middle of the pile, the same for the matches. We lit them and dropped them. We watched as the fire grew bigger and bigger. I seen that the fire looked like it was spreading to the tree "Selena come on we're gonna fall into that fire of we don't get down now." I said and she looked at me as I jumped off the high branch. "Logan I can't jump down! I'll fall and break my ankle or something!" she said shaking her head. "selena! Please just jump! You'll be fine!" I kept eyeing the fire watching it. I watched as she was attempting to jump but she doubted herself. That had to be one of my favorite things about her. "I can't Logan! I'm scared!" I seen her shaking. I sighed and thought for a second "jump. Please! Just JUMP! I'll catch you." she looked at the fire and seen it inches from the tree, I looked at her and she met my eyes. She stood on the tree. I seen the fire get onto the tree trunk. "SELENA JUMP!" she looked down at the trunk and screamed and Started to cough. She jumped off the tree and I caught her like a bride. I heard her coughing and I tried so hard to cover her mouth so she didn't get anymore fumes or smoke near her. I walked back to the truck and put her in the passenger side. - We arrived at my home I seen Selena was asleep,her breathe and finally went back to normal after driving around by the beach for fresh air. -(Selena's POV now) Last night I was so happy for Logan,I told him last night I was wanting to meet his boss, but he told me he don't even work for him anymore. That was okay. But last night when we burned the shack that held all the policy copies of everyone in his family,I couldn't jump. I didn't jump until I was nearly burned. Logan did get pushy when he told me to jump. I woke the next morning,and I knew this wasn't my room from the moment I woke up a little. The bed felt like silk and clouds. I flipped over to my other side,and I was met with a sleeping Logan.
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