BoB - Airplanes (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore)

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Facebook Fan Page: *******facebook****/AnthMelo I apologize in advance if my voice sounds any different th...
Facebook Fan Page: *******facebook****/AnthMelo I apologize in advance if my voice sounds any different than usual. I've been sick for the past week and wanted to record my vocals as soon as I started feeling better. So that being said, here is a cover of "Airplanes" by B.OB. featuring Hayley Williams. Facebook Fan Page: *******facebook****/AnthMelo SUBSCRIBE TODAY! *Like! Comment Favorite!* Twitter: *******www.twitter****/Anth703 Facebook: *******www.facebook****/people/Anthony-Melo/623308676 Subscribe To The Others In This Video! Dara (Vocals): ***********/09Darli The BeatBoxHitman (Beat-Boxing): ***********/user/TheBeatboxHitman2 IWillBot (Piano): ***********/Iwillbot Free Mp3 Download: *******hulkshare****/g8bsai73etpw VERSE ONE I've been sitting in my room, reminiscing on the day Back when I was thinking that there was another way Sometimes, I wish never started to rap Cus now it feels like that I can't turn back But tell me something man, who are you to judge? I've started to lose it since music became the drug And I gotta admit it, I've been addicted, so what? So heavily committed, couldn't quit it, I feel am stuck Class was never enough to grasp my mind I used all my class time just to write rap rhymes I take a second look at all the rappers in the game Out of the different names, they all sounding the same But me, I'm someone different, can you feel the ambition? I'm too busy to waste my time with this fake criticism And I'm just praying to god, that the right person will listen So I will always be consistent until I am signed like a petition VERSE TWO It was never about the money, or the honeys, or the clothes It was only to show those, this kid could flow I don't think any emcee could fit into my shoes Or ever want this dream as bad as I really do No one wants it like I want it No one needs it like I need it I am married to this game, too loyal to ever leave it I just hope that you listen, you can tell that I'm driven I just hope that when you listen you actually listen Wishing everyday, but I'm sick of all the wait Because fate is only what you make and decide to create It's not about the rapping, it's not about my passion I'm just sick of waiting on wishes that never really happen Sick of being broke, when I know that I'm dope Sick of losing hope, when I know that I'm close But it's easier to quit, then it is to continue fighting So if you keep on striving, motivation starts arriving