Jon Favreau on The Sopranos - with Christopher (Michael Imperioli)

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A coked-out Christopher scares the bejeezus out of Jon Favreau, making a cameo as himself on The Sopranos. Mad props to Favreau for handling the gun properly after Christopher throws it to him, by the way. He keeps his index finger right above the trigger, outside of the trigger guard - this is the correct way to hold a gun when not firing it. (Most people who don't know how to handle a gun - including actors in movies - immediately place their finger right on the trigger as soon as they pick up a gun.) WRONG! That's a sure way to accidentally shoot your own balls off.

The pistol, by the way, is a .38 Smith & Wesson Bodyguard model. This episode is "D-Girl" (Episode 7 of Season 2)

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