"The Bounty" by Vangelis (cover)

By: mik300z


Uploaded on March 12, 2008 by mik300z Powered by YouTube

Quite hard to do a "live performance" because of so much going on at the one time, so decided to show off my little studio instead! This Vangelis piece is my favorite soundtrack of his. It's not entirely accurate I know!

Juno G on grand piano, supersaw strings and drums

Juno 106 on piano accompaniment

Juno6 on bass

Mikrokorg on pulsating bass

ESQ 1 on "cs80" lead and sequencer

Korg X5 on drums

Mastered using Zoom rfx1000 effects unit
Behringer 16 channel mixer
Behringer MDX26000 compressor

Managed to encode the file to now broadcast in stereo!!!

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