How to Drive a Manual Transmission (Stick Shift) Car? PART 1 of 2

By: rheaMDC21


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Be sure to check out the Part 2 of this video. Click the link to go to the part 2 of this VID. This video is a response to some folks who are requesting me to put out a video. About, How to drive a car w/ a Manual Transmission. Don't tell me that you know how ro drive a car, if your car has an automatic transmission & you don't know how to drive a stick shift car. Come on now!! Real drivers know how to drive a manual transmission car. Don't be a Pu**Y! Get out there and learn!! :-) How to find Neutral Position? You have to step on the clutch pedal and find´╗┐ the loose center position of the gears. If you can wiggle the gears left to right, right to left. Then You are in Neutral position.
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