Afghanistan - Song for Pashtun Hekmatyar - Destroyed Kabul

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Published 23 Apr 2012
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Kharoti Ghilzai Pashtun Gulbuddin Hekmatyar wanted to make Afghanistan a province of Pakistan and sold hims...
Kharoti Ghilzai Pashtun Gulbuddin Hekmatyar wanted to make Afghanistan a province of Pakistan and sold himself to Pakistani ISI. His godfather was Pakistani ISI. He started the civil war by wanted to make only himself prime minister and taking Kabul to make a city of Pakistan. When he failed to take the city, he accepted 300,000 rockets from Pakistani ISI and bombed Kabul to rubble and killed about 80,000 innocent Kabulis and made the city into a rubble for the next 10 years, earning him the nickname "Rocketyar". For 10 years people had to live in rubble and misery thanks to Kharoti Hekmatyar. After still failing to take Kabul after his brutal bombing campaign, he joined and helped the Pakistani supported Taliban. Rocketyar then brought al-Qaeda and Osama and turned Afghanistan into a terrorist base and as a result of 9/11 the Americans invaded. He then ran off to Pakistan and has been hiding there ever since however he is a hero to many Pashtuns like the Kharoti tribe and Ghilzai tribe. This song is dedicated to him, Hekmatyar the destroyer of Kabul city.

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