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Forget spin, finesse and defense - the forehand smash is raw, ruthless, offensive power. This incredible DVD shows you step-by-step how to deliver killer smashes that will have any player begging you for mercy!

By following the techniques you will...

-Unleash killer forehand smashes... just like the pros!
-Master your timing, form, control and execution of the forehand smash!
-Master the counter-smash and manhandle your opponents! (Even the real aggressive ones)
-Develop a killer instinct and increase your confidence to initiate the attack.
-Crush the competition with lethal 3rd and 5th ball attacks!

It doesn't matter what style of player you are. The forehand smash is the most deadly stroke in the game and should be a part of every player's arsenal. With this killer DVD as your guide you will master the forehand smash in no time!

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