Ford 351 Windsor Small Block Engine - Water in Oil Mystery [18+]

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You can find the "Basic Engine Building" DVD here.

A special internet only treat from the producers of the BoxWrench Series!

Basic Engine Building DVD - Behind the Scenes: Small Block Ford 351 Windsor Diagnosis

We gonna show you some never before seen footage from the filthy Ford 351W we pulled out of a boat. BoxWrench Director Brent Bye recaps the story of discovering the engines problem and what ensued as the tear down process proceeded.

Basically salt water was leaking into a cylinder head thru some hidden steel water plugs that only these small block 351 W motors have. Being a marine engine they needed to be replaced with rust proof brass plugs. After running for 5 years the water eroded holes straight thru them. Water pressurized from the water pump was squirting into the cylinder heads right onto the rocker arms, valves and valve springs, ultimately all the way down to the oil pan and crankcase. It all made out for a surprising tear down.

This particular Ford 351 Windsor marine motor was fully rebuild on camera in the "Basic Engine Building" DVD. Even a catastrophic blown engine like this can be rebuilt with the proper knowledge and tools. The BoxWrench Series is designed to give you that knowledge and let you have fun with it.

The full DVD with all of the interactive menus, Tools section and engine Glossary terms is available here...

3 New Transmission DVDs and a Differential Rebuilding DVD just added.
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