Qayamat Se Salamat Tak : Adhunik Cement

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The Salamat Kingdom : A Short Animation Film.
One fine day Salamat Singh sees a huge ball of stone coming towards his palace. And his kingdom is raised to dust by Qayamat Catapults.
We get to see the mischievous villain, Qayamat Singh grinning in the background as he readies hundreds of catapults for the next onslaught.
The distressed Salamat summons his wise mantri for a solution. The mantri takes the Raja through the ruins of the kingdom to a house that looks immaculate. The Raja's jaws drop and he summons the landlord of the house. The landlord of the house, divulges the secret behind the construction of the house saying the king must use Adhunik cement to build his palace.
The king agrees. Truck loads of Adhunik MSP Cement arrive. And the kingdom is built again.
Cut to Qayamat who charges with his catapults again. Strange things fly in. A rock. Followed by bigger rocks. Qayamat goes insane wtrying to get the roof down. But this time the stones bounce off the buildings and all the stones bounce back towards Qayamat Singh's Kingdom.
The Adhunik bag finds its place of pride in the middle of the Salamat kingdom, as the king unveils it. And launches Qayamat using his own catapults now.

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