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Nick Jonas song A Little Bit Longer with lyrics on screen. Video made by me izabella1992. Feel free to tell me what you thought about the video. Hope you enjoy :D

Written By: Nick Jonas

Miley Cyrus emotionally revealed to M magazine that Nick Jonas and his struggle with diabetes saved her life. Maybe, that's why she kissed his dog tag in the 7 Things music video?
Miley spilled, 'I was on tour with the Jonas Brothers last year and I kept getting really sick. One night Nick stopped by my room and I wasnt feeling great. He suggested that I test my blood sugar like he does, since hes diabetic. I did, and my blood sugar was really low, it was bad! After that, I went to my doctor to get really checked out. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, which means my blood sugar was always really low and I couldnt get it back up'
Together, Nick helped Miley change her lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.
'I became much more aware of the food I ate, because what I was eating before was pretty bad for me. When I'm on tour it can get bad. Im constantly exercising so much on stage that I get really thin! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, it can be too much. My body just burns through the food I put in it so fast. When that happens, I make an effort to only eat healthy meals and chill out with the exercise. Watching Nick manage his diabetes over the years has been a real inspiration to me. It makes me feel like, If Nick Jonas can do it, I can, too! I have to keep going and put on a brave face'

omg, the cutest thing ever!! ♥

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