The Crazy Million!

By: makemebad35


Uploaded on May 18, 2011 by makemebad35 Powered by YouTube

After 5 years on youtube, I hit the milestone of a million subscribers! I am the 28th person to hit this amazing stride! This is a thank you video with a time line of all my videos in chronological order. That's 5 years worth of my videos in 5 minutes! It has been a fun journey and I plan on doing even crazier, better things. As you see in the beginning, my videos are quite odd. I also seemed to love to use cats in videos! If you want to check out a video that you see in the montage, be sure to click the bottom right hand during that clip and it will take you to that video! Music in the start of the montage, used with permission. (Minus Fourteen by Datassette) Check out the music! My Facebook! My 2nd channel
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