Malayalam Movie Mallu Aunt Chechi by Malayalee Ambassador [18+]

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Malayalam movie Mallu Aunt Chechi by Malayalee Ambassador may be painful truth to watch but the TV anchors are horrible to tolerate. Do you think the inability to speak your own mother tongue is the ability? Where did this lunatic culture come to existence in Kerala? Can't speak English to Englishmen, speak manglish to poor coolies? Can these manglish speakers are able to converse with elementary school children in the west?

No one can tolerate all these nonsense unless they are real hypocrites; calling "sir", aunty and "chechi" are a way of cover up. Search "mallu aunt" or "Desi aunt" in youtube to understand the real Indians and the meaning of "literacy."

97% literacy only means that one has the very basic ability to read and write something. Definition of literacy in India is different than that in the west. Dont ever think that the west is dumb; 90% may be different but the rest 10% is the smartest to rule the world.

Your children may be in English medium schools, but how many of them are capable to pass the highest examination in India which is undoubtedly UPS' civil service or the IIT or IIM?

"Barber's son wants to be a barber" is the old Indian tradition. Actor's son actor, singer's son singer, doctor's son doctor, and politicians son politician is the unfulfilled dreams of the parents. Only the very limited few follow their parents footsteps successfully, others pathetically fail.
Where are we heading even after 63 years of independence? Thanks to the British who taught us English to speak like them, not to speak like manglish or tamilish or kannadish or telugish or hindish. This is not going to get us anywhere other than ridicule our own culture.

Another note: I don't understand why there are so many malayalee associations in a single city all over the world. When two families get together they form a malayali association, earlier it was samajam. Father-in law, association president; son-in law, secretary and mother-in law, treasurer. Then they showcase their pathetic talents during Onam Festival or New Year and we could see them in youtube.

These corrupted hypocrites are the reason I left my birth country decades back. It is getting worse day after day and no one cares or the guts to act. Videos in the social networks reveal the present lunatic culture in Kerala at its worst form.
UN study says that there are over 630 million people poo in the open. Does any "Indian celebrity," knows that he/she is the celebrity of these people?

History repeats. History is one of the powerful subjects which no civilized man will ever forgets. One who forgets history is the poor man destined to be in bondage.

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