Speed Lives - No Boundaries - Michael Angelo Batio

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No Boundaries was recorded by Michael Angelo Batio for the intro to his Speed Lives instructional DVD. We recorded Speed Lives in late 2003.


So, how did Michael manage to play so many guitars in one video without missing a beat? Nope, we didn't punch 'em in. We shot this video with one camera. Michael was filmed playing No Boundaries from beginning to end with each of the guitars. There was only one guitar that actually had enough frets (24) to play the song and that's the brown Dean. So, what you're hearing is that single performance from beginning to end.

There are parts of No Boundaries that are highly structured. Michael plays these parts exactly the same way every time. On some of these sections we superimposed the video (not the audio) of his performances playing other guitars. Still, you're only hearing one amazing live performance from beginning to end.

- Doug Marks

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