Top 20 Upcoming PC Games of 09

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This is top 20 picks for upcoming PC games of 09.

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Some notes and corrections:

-Diablo 3 is set for 2011 according to an interview with Blizzard. So, its not in this video because it isn't coming out in 2009.


Aliens: Colonial Marines, Rage, Duke Nukem Forever, Bioshock 2, Starcraft 2.

-Games that are not on the list and Delayed:

Assassin's Creed 2

-RE5 is coming out for the PC as predicted. However, it's not in the video since it was announced after this video was made.

-Duke Nukem: Forever has been canned so far because 3d realms has closed its doors.

***We understand that there are games that should be moved around on the list or games like the next cod or prototype that should be added to the list. This is our opinion, and we can't fit every single game that is coming out in 2009 on this list. We also can't predict the future and some of the games in the video may have been delayed. So, calm down, if your anticipated game isn't on the list it doesn't mean it's a bad game or anything like that.***

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