The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin)

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"The Rain Song" by Led Zeppelin
Music by Page and Plant

Thanks to Lynn in Scotland for reminding me I was supposed to re-do this at some point. It's kind of a springtime song for me, but what the hey. It's always springtime somewhere, right?

This "arrangement" incorporates some elements from the bass and mellotron parts but there is no attempt to play the vocal line. (That I'd like to see).

Therefore it's presented to you so that you can sing along and post your version of Planto's masterpiece. I know one or two of you who could do a killer vocal take on this. C'mon. Or you can be like me and sing to it in your apartment and frighten the neighbors.

Sorry, I have no tablature available. The chords and music are readily available in decent "recorded-versions" books which should still be in print.

Martin 000-17s; mahogany construction

Oh, and the tuning: dgcgcd (this matches the 6 string used in the recording, not the 12 string tuning. I believe it also corresponds to the tuning on the 6-string neck of the double neck used in concert. If you give a hoot about this sort of information, see the article on this song for more.)

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