Tom Jones & David Foster - Mary's Boy Child (1993 TV Special)

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Tom Jones sings "Mary's Boy Child," accompanied by David Foster, on the TV special "David Foster's Christmas Album" (NBC, December 10, 1993). This song is from Mr. Foster's Christmas CD, which features an all-star cast singing some of the best Christmas music of the 1990s:

This video is somewhat different from the original broadcast version. On TV, one chorus of the song was edited out for time purposes. I have restored the missing chorus here, and added several photos to fill screen time.

Produced by David Foster
Arranged by David Foster
String Arrangement by Jeremy Lubbock
Keyboards & Synthesizers: David Foster

Produced by Linda Jonsson, David Foster & Michael Petok
Directed by Paul Miller
Musical Staging & Choreography by Walter Painter

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