Drawing Helena Bonham Carter

By: megaralyn


Uploaded on May 17, 2012 by megaralyn Powered by YouTube

This was the first time ever that I decided to draw a portrait from life. I decided I might as well record it. I love art and had been drawing stuff for a while, but I had never drawn a real person before. I decided on Helena because I looove her and she has always my favorite actress. Not to mention she's absolutely gorgeous. I have never taken art classes and at the time I didn't have the fancy art supplies that all those other amazing artists have. I also had NO technique whatsoever, which will be pretty obvious when you see how I go about this. Hahaha :) This was about three years ago, and I have gotten a lot better and more precise. But I do this just for fun, just as a hobby. And who knows, maybe I'll post some more drawings sometime. Enjoy this embarrassing portrayal of Helena! :)
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