Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - WRYYYYYY

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Dio Brando's legendary steam roller super combo. "Za Warudo (the world)" "Toki wo tomare" "Kurae!" "Roada rollera da" "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" "Muda muda muda muda muda muda muda (etc)" "Soshite toki ga ugoki desu."

Translation (thanks to Hoolalumpus and solidsnack001): The World! Time is frozen. Take these (knives)! Road Roller! WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! (a kind of battlecry by vampire in original manga) Futile futile futile futile!(etc) (only humanbeings can't fight against vampire) Time begins to flow.

The highly desired background music used in the video has been found. It is called "Daikaiju Die!" by Daikaiju. Thanks to ElSingario and SigmaDraconis for info.

(I did not make the video, whoever made it, please message me for credit)

WRYYYY in real life

McDonald does WRYYYYY

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