Special Force Engraving PSG-1 Power



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SF (Japanese version)

Sniper Rifle: Engraving PSG-1

Price: 110,000 SP

Map: Shanghai / Bay Area (in JSF)


Magazine Capacity: 6 clips,5 bullets for clip

Power: 10.0 bars

Recoil: 6.4 bars

Precision: 10.0 bars

Weight: 8.0 bars

Reload: 5.12 seconds

Requirements : Major or Higher .

My opinion: Its the same thing than regular PSG-1 or Gold_PSG .

P.S.: You can see the RED NAMES because its a REPLAY TAPE,when I played the game I can not see the RED NAMES.This is not a WALLHACK!

ATTENTION PLEASE: Hey guys , I am not pro with Sniper Rifles , but I maked this video cause a lot of people asked me about this weapon and I wanna show the gun , not my skills , if you dont like it just GTFO.

Dedicated to my little bro Julian .

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