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Telek is a legendary singer in Papua New Guinea. "West Papua" expresses a yearning for his countrymen west of the New Guinea border to be free from Indonesian rule. West Papua is occupied by Indonesia solely on the basis of a sham "election" held in 1969, laughingly called the Act of Free Choice, in which a small representation of the total indigenous West Papuan population were threatened to have their tongues cut out if they did not vote for Indonesian sovereignty. This scandal was actually approved by the UN, who all these years later refuse to take any steps at all to rectify their grave mistake.

The West Papuan people have been living under a regime of Indonesian oppression and genocide for more than 40 years, and it is only now that the world is taking notice.

This recording was produced by David Bridie. Footage taken from "Land of the Morning Star" by Mark Worth.

This video (plus many others) appears on the new CD/DVD re-release of "Tabaran" by Not Drowning, Waving.

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