New York Hospitality (UNCENSORED)

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Extra scenes from Flavor of Love: Season 1, all starring New York. Gotta love her and her "antics."

1. New York goes outside for a cigarette, and discusses with Hottie their individual plans for a room. Notice Red Oyster in the background, observing. (It should be noted that the house they stay in is rented by VH1, so it wouldn't matter about the rooms, because none of them would end up living there...)

2. New York has a serious "one-on-one" with Flav. She's upset (for a change) about how Flav pays attention to the other girls, and how jealous it makes her. Flav is such an accepting person that he excuses the noise she makes at the end of the clip.

3. New York bosses Smiley around the kitchen to make her everything she wants, all while verbally abusing her and professing her love to Flav, no matter his state.

4. New York and Goldie are at the zoo, and are in the parrot section. New York is certainly not one for birds, and is extremely scared. She is soothed by Goldie and Flav, and all is well.

5. Smiley's nicotine addiction has gotten the best of her, and she goes to New York for a cigarette when (surprise, suprise!) New York is fixing her makeup. Smiley claims she gave New York a ciggie, but New York says she paid Smiley back. Who wins? New York obviously.

6. It is time for New York to go on stage during the reunion special. She is quite excited, as she gets to talk to Pumkin for the first time since the infamous spitting, and there is NO WAY she is going to apologize for anything she has said or done (or "going to do"). You have to love the way they try to artistically go back and forth from black and white to color. So, so creative.

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