Aragorn and Legolas: A Special Friendship

By: PeppyPower


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I did not make this vid, credits go to Sirnonenath, she did an awesome job. I'm just uploading it, for all my friends asked me to do so. This clip was inspired by the fabulous Mellon Chronicles by Cassia and Siobhan, IMHO best site on the www. Here is the link to the MC site:

The song Sirnonenath used is Ryan Malcolm's "Something More". Scenes and music perfectly go with each other.

I really love the friendship between Aragorn and Legolas. They would even die for each other. There's some special chemistry between the ranger and the elf. Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom had a fantastic way portraying those characters.

And I love just how much they do with their eyes and their facial expressions. You can read them like a book, they don't have to say something, you can see all the emotions written on their faces. I'd really love to see them in the prequels. Okay, enough rambling now.

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