The Conviction of a Godless (Jobless) Girl

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Please visit: *******www.naomiklein****/articles/2009/01/israel-boycott-divest-sanction -Israel: Boycott, ...
Please visit: *******www.naomiklein****/articles/2009/01/israel-boycott-divest-sanction -Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction By Naomi Klein ******* - Bring Omar Khadr to Justice. Bring him to Canada *******www.haaretz****/hasen/spages/1054867.html - Israel bans Arab parties from running in upcoming elections And the totally ridiculous *******www.menarebetterthanwomen**** - Men are better than Women What if God was one of us? What if God was on the bus? Atheist bus campaign? I love the idea, thank you Adam, for posting that. Of course, religious folks are attacking this campaign as an attack on all religions, well, if they have spent 1/10th of the time criticizing corporations that are acting unjesus like, maybe we would have a more equitable society. I hope the atheist bus comes to Canada, thats more exciting than Obama coming Canada. Oh, he is visting Canada first, btw, thats really crazy considering Ottawa, Ontario is the furthest city away from Washington dc. Over the past few days, Ive received a lot of racist, hateful and demeaning name callings and attacks from Israel supporter. I stand firm on my conviction and even though my stance will cost a few friends and some other opportunities, I believe it is more important to stand up for justice for all people, even those who want to kill me. Oh yeah I was also called a lying terror supporter for opposing Israels aggression, good thing I am not Muslim, or else I would be a suspected terrorist in Guantanamo Btw, Obama, when are you shutting that down? We want Omar Kadar back! I have also heard from those who tell me that Palestinians and the hamas are monkey, savages, and fanatic lunatics that cant be reasoned with and do not deserve any justice or compassion. It reminds me about what people used to and still say about the so called Backward Third world peoples, whom are barely human indigenous people are in need of the civilizing missions of colonialism. Not long ago, and we still do hear some who suggest Women are governed by hormones and reproductive destiny, not as bearers of minds with the capacity for intelligence, rationality and free well. Women are characterized as emotional, sentimental, irrational and illogical. By the way, check out the comments from the video of a guy who said men are better than women. He even have a website called, www.menarebetterthanwomen**** I think it is very important to recognize the similarity between people and to challenge racist stereotypes. It is also important to look at people not as inferior or superior, but to understand the possible reasons (historic/current) that causes people to do certain things. What kind of deprived people would commit suicide bombers? When Palestinians are routinely dehumanized as third world refugees and receive brutal and horrific violence as a normal occurrence, it is easy to understand why many of them would also result in committing violence to others. A lot of school yard bullies become bullies precisely because they are abused at their own home. We are also highly tolerant of racism. We have supported Third World Dictators who are brutal to their own people. The U.S has supported Saddam and Osama Bin Laden, Israel has supported Hamas to divide the Palestinians, and we cozy up with Saudi Arabia which has a horrible human rights record. Its time to maybe understand we are not better than those people in those far off poverty and war stricken places, maybe we just have better luck.