Al Wilson - Destination Paradise: For Schapelle Corby

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Al Wilson's video performance of his own song, Destination Paradise, which outlines the terrible case of Schapelle Corby, an innocent suffering, whilst the world does nothing. His lively country and western style and strong lyrics create a forceful protest at the shameful inaction of both government and media.

Al tells the tale of an innocent caught up in a nightmare of barbaric injustice and cruelty. Of her government, dodging and diving from their responsibility, to avoid creating confrontation with Indonesia. Of the most unethical media in the world treating it as fodder for circulation.

The original video was created in Australia by Al himself, and then sent here to the UK on CD for production and edit by ourselves.

Finally, the purpose of the video: please help Schapelle Corby, still suffering in an Indonesian prison cell, a terrible victim of show court injustice. Our support site can be found here:

Please don't walk away...

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