ToC 10man - Faction Champions

By: neefai


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Third kill of the Faction Champions by Agony

The first time we downed him it was my off week. And the second time I forgot to record.

Raid consisted of:
Tank - Zei (Warrior)
Tank - Obo (Paladin)
Heal - Kryalor(Druid)
Heal - Ox (Shaman)
Heal - Staticmoon (Druid)
DPS - Helahunter (Hunter)
DPS - Polluted (Death Knight)
DPS - Rinoa (Priest)
DPS - Ruul (Rogue)
DPS - Neef (Mage)

Disclaimer - This Video is not for bragging purposes and should not be viewed as a "perfect" example; Rather as an Archive for our guild.
Feel free to comment if you have any helpful advice or questions.

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