Titanic Violin: Nearer My God To Thee

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I love this song, it is sooo sad. I almost cry when I hear it. Just imagine, me being on a boat with everybody at my school with me, and only 6 people, including me are rescued on the lifeboats. 706 people survived. 1,516 people died, including the captain. There were 2,228 people on the ship. It's ashame how many people died. ashame. :'(. The Titanic sunk by lousy rivets. 14000 psi rubed against the rivets, which made them break, which made water start pouring in the ship. It then took 2 hours for the ship to sink. It got 5 ice reports, yet the captain continued the voyage to America. 1 ice report did go through, and when the Titanic tried to get help, the ice person went to bed and didn't hear the emergency.
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