That Kind Of Love - Tyler Ward (Original Song) - Download on ITunes

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Download this song on iTunes: ***********/us/album/random-recordings/id406959569 Krista (the b...
Download this song on iTunes: ***********/us/album/random-recordings/id406959569 Krista (the beautiful girl in the video) and I were enjoying a lovely Wednesday afternoon together when I decided to test out my new camera. After seeing some of the footage, and being blow away by the detail, I decided it would be cool to use some of the clips to make a music video to an original song. The craziest thing is that this was shot and edited in about 8 hours. Technology these days makes me smile. Genius Jeff Hendrick at it again, helping me write this song. Be sure to check out his channel here: ***********/jhendrickmusic I really hope you enjoy this video... Oh and yes, this is the first time I've ever used a Mac for editing video and um....I have been so impressed. Go Steve! LYRICS: You're watchin' me in secrecy From the corner of my eye I catch you walkin' by Can you agree that we could be More than just a quick hello If we don't jump we'll never know That kind of love's easy The kind that you never knew That kind of love's easy The kind that you never get used to I know you're scared They never cared And your past was push and shove It's time you find real love So don't be shy, you're like paradise And it's my highest guarantee, that you finally get to see