Guild Wars 2 Botters in WvW

By: Stephen Watkins


Uploaded on September 22, 2012 by Stephen Watkins Powered by YouTube

I USED VIDEO CAPTURE SOFTWARE FOR THIS VIDEO. THE WAVINESS IN THIS VIDEO IS BECAUSE OF A "FEATURE" IN YOUTUBE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO SMOOTH IT OUT. OBVIOUSLY IT DOES NOT WORK. If you are wondering why your queue times are sometimes horrible on your server, this may be why. This is a whole group of people in Northern Shiverpeaks borderlands taking up what must be about 30% or more of the population space.. All they do is run around in a figure 8 and kill any Skritt that aggro them. They are able to take advantage of any events that pop up in the area, which will net about 10000 xp with gold and karma for just a bronze. I wasn't able to figure out how to get my voice to record so you won't get to hear my lovely commentary, but you can hear half a conversation with a guildee! I *think* i was able to record all of the names so hopefully Anet sees this and lays down the law.
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