Spore Pokemon Palkia - Creature Creator Video (see Description for Download) クリーチャークリエイター パルキア 創意大師

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Download Link: *******www.spore****/sporepedia#qry=sast-500005551062 Purchase Spore Link: *******www.a...
Download Link: *******www.spore****/sporepedia#qry=sast-500005551062 Purchase Spore Link: *******www.amazon****/dp/B000FKBCX4?ie=UTF8&tag=youtubecom08-20 This is the second Pokemon I've created with Spore Creature Creator. A lot of compromises were made to the ridge on the back of its neck and the wing structure. Also I exceeded the maximum number of body parts when I started doing the chest plates, so that was left off as well. The Dialga version is here, *******www.youtube****/watch?v=aDPj9EWRMF8 Instruction on how to import this creature: From the Spore**** page, download the picture of the Spore creature by right clicking the picture and saving it on your computer. Run Spore in Window Mode, this can be done through the option menu, or hit ALT-ENTER. Once in Window Mode, drag the saved picture from your computer into the Spore Window (make sure you are in the "Create" mode).