I Won't Leave You! - A Harry Styles Love Story Ch.2

By: Carson Stewart


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Chapter 2: It's getting better I hope! ----------------------------------- Still Carson's POV After I showered and got dressed, Kylie was already in my room setting up her camcorder. "Video time!" she announced. We recorded the videos and Kylie left.(The next day) I was taking a walk with a bottle of ice cold water, it was really hot today. I stopped at a bench to tie my hair into a side ponytail. Then I walked into someone again while drinking my water, "I'm sorry! And this water is freezing!" I said and wiped the water off my chest. Wait, his chocolate curls, husky shoulders, Harry! "It seems every time we run into each other, it'll be literally!" he chuckled as he turned around, "And you'll find a way to get wet?" he chuckled again. I just smiled, "So, do you like Dewitt so far?" I asked, he nodded. "Carson, I'd like you to meet the lads. Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall!" He said pulling me gently to the boys behind him. "So you're the girl Harry's been blabbing about!" Louis said, looking at me. "Hello..I'm Carson, nice to meet you guys!" I said, "You have pretty blonde hair, just like Harry explained it was!" Niall said playing with a lock of my hair. "Really? I have pretty blonde hair, Harry?" I asked Harry giggling. Louis looked at me even more, "I can see...Harry styles, you've got a beauty in your hands" he said seriously, then started laughing at himself. "Can you show us around Dewitt?" Liam asked. I nodded then looked to Zayn, " What about you mysterious one?" I giggled. Over his shoulder i saw my sister, "Look there's my sister, Dylan." I said pointing to her. "She's pretty." Zayn said. "Yay! You talked...wanna meet Dylan?" I asked, they all nodded. "Dylan!" I called and my sister's head twisted to us, she smiled and walked over to us. "Hola!" she said, "I'm Dylan!" "Also know as the one who's not afraid to show her true colors, and hates dark tag." I added about her. "Your picture frame fell on me!" she laughed, the boys just stared. "Tour of Dewitt time!" I announced. We went around Dewitt, and we were so glad the boys liked it here. "So, Carson I was thinking. Maybe you and i should go out sometime?" Harry asked as he held me back. "But Harry, we've only known each other for a day! My best friend doesn't even know about you and I. It won't feel right. We're just friends..." I told him. Harry's POV She didn't want to go on a date! Maybe it was too soon. I guess I'll try some other time in our friendly relationship? "I understand. It's okay, just friends, got it!" I said trying to be happy. I liked her more than a friend, I feel like I've known Carson for years now. But I want her to be happy with this decision and if she's not, we won't do it. As long as we don't wait too long I'm okay! Later that day we met her friend Kylie and Kylie's younger sister Valerie. They're sweet girls, and Kylie is an amazing songwriter...maybe she can be our songwriter! We only have three songs right now, we better talk to our manager about her! "So see you sometime?" Carson giggled. "You giggle a lot!" I said with a grin. "Sorry!" she apologized with a sad look. "No! It's cute, bye Carson." I said a kissed her hand, but she flinched away and ran home with Dylan and her friends...Does she like me or not?
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