KISS - God Of Thunder - New Jersey - 1976 (Enhanced)

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KISS blowing the roof of the Roosevelt Stadium in 1976! This concert video was dubbed the "Lost Concert" seeing it popped up in the bootleg scene suddenly after being lost for years. This was in fact KISS's first headlining act in a stadium! Walk-up ticket sales diminished by news of a stabbing that took place there on June 17 at a Yes concert. The choice for the stadium was strange, the park were it was located in was in a state of ruin. As heard in the video, the crowd was agitated and impatient, mainly because of the already long admission lines and a oppressive heat and humidity (95 degrees Fahrenheit/35 degrees Celcius at show time). To help the crowd with its discomfort, stadium officials send out employees throughout the park to distribute free bottles of chilled orange juice. This plan actually back fired when fights broke out when concert goers started to throw the empty glass bottles at each other. The post concert party was spectacular, with a huge tent erected to house the throngs of party goers that included the band, members of AMI and the newly partnered Glickman/Marks firm, industry members and various celebrities such as Linda Lovelace. Opening Acts: Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, J. Geils Band, Point Blank Capacity: 30.000 Attendance: 13.867 Promoter: John Scher Presents. *Audio and video footage have been upgraded*
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