Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacks Edition Special Movie: Double/Dual Final Smash Montage (HD Version)

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A note about the Captain Falcon always getting hit thing: Shadow's Wrath (ShadowsWrath0 here on Youtube) p...
A note about the Captain Falcon always getting hit thing: Shadow's Wrath (ShadowsWrath0 here on Youtube) put it simply: "And besides, he asked to see their moves. If anything, I'd say the Great and Almighty Falcon is happy that he's being blown off the stage. ....and being gracious enough to make it look like they're winning. :P " Songs: 1. Battlefield (Brawl) 2. Go K.K. Rider! 3. Boss Battle Song 1 4. Final Destination 5. Nintendo World's Brawl Trailer Ending This was my first video I was extremely proud of making. It was a milestone to me in video editing as I spent a whole month compiling the thing. All the freezes from the hacks, discovering which characters worked with certain others... It was crazy... I felt I didn't do the video justice by not reuploading it in HD glory that Youtube implemented after I already uploaded it. I just hope I didn't butcher the quality by resizing the video for the HD with the footage I already rendered. This is because I didn't have the 4GB of footage that was used to make the original, not to mention that the save file for the timeline is gone too... Enjoy!!! Original description from other video: Here is a video which mimics the released Nintendo Worlds trailer with the Characters doing "Tag Team Final Smashes"!!! Many thanks for the USBGecko Forums members for these wonderful codes!!! This wouldn't be possible without them!!! Codes featured in this video were made by Y.S., Hetoan2, and Phantom Wings. Disclaimer: I am NOT in any way responsible for any damage that may come to your Wii from installing the homebrew channel or using the codes themselves on the USB Gecko forums. Even though I believe it is VERY safe if you know what you are doing.... For more than one Final Smash codes: Smash Ball Activator: [Phantom Wings] 4A000000 80000000 1482B194 38000000 14814E14 38000000 Allows Smash Balls to be created even when someone has one. (Works best with the Infinite Smash Balls code) - - - - Infinite Smash Balls 4A000000 80000000 1462C3A0 00000000 Taunt enables Final Smash [Y.S ported by brkirch] 0481C934 8803001F 4A000000 90180F38 3A000002 FF00003D C281C934 00000005 8803001F 2C0000F8 4182001C 38000038 2C1B010C 40820008 38000078 9803001F 48000004 00000000 E0000000 80008000 Use your taunt to gain a final Smash! (Does not work in SSE or Boss Battles)