When Nick Jonas Goes Crazy

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Im not trying to make fun of him I just think its the funniest thing when one minute hes all shy and quiet and the next minute all crazy. Plus why would I make fun of people with diabetes? Diabetes runs in my family and my grandma died because of it. so why would I make fun of him? exactly

You see what sugar does to you? lol jk

Diet Coke + Nick J + Chocolate = One crazy Jonas Brother!

ps there are ten JB rules:
1. never do beetles covers (long funny story you gotta watch the bonus dvd/cd thnig)
2. be yourself
3. always work with friends
4. coolest locations
5. soda and chocolate
6. roll with big rob
7. never pone
8. bb good to fans
9. free shows
10. nicknames

go buy that dvd if you want to see the whole thing

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