Minecraft - Giant Creeper Explosion

By: ChristianTHill


Uploaded on February 05, 2011 by ChristianTHill Powered by YouTube

Map download: http://hill-inc.com/downloads/GiantCreeper.zip

My giant wool creeper. I decided to build it when I found a glitched creeper in SMP. For every pixel on the creeper texture I placed a block of wool. Simple as that. A regular creeper is 2 blocks tall and 1 block wide. This creeper is 8 blocks wide and 28(plus or minus 2) blocks tall. I used the /give command to get all of the wool, but had to dye it all since you cannot give yourself colored wool. The I did not really make 4 stacks of TNT. I used the /give command for that too. In the end I fell into some lava. I actually did this on accident. It is very hard to play all while holding down f1. That MASSIVE forest fire you see is due to some natural lava that flows out of a mountainside. The other spring of lava you can see in the video I placed there long after the fire had started whilst testing something.

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